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Ecuador Habano


Dominican Criollo '98

and Piloto Cubano


Centurio 5.25x50

Legions 5.5x46

Emperor 6x54

I am the Master of my fate,

     I am the Captain of my soul.


These are the closing two lines of William Ernest Henley’s poem, “Invictus,” which inspired the cigar’s name.

José Blanco is a world-renowned cigar blender, and it is offerings like this one that illustrate why he is so highly regarded. José's blends are known for their complexity, and this delivers in spades. However, it is also probably the strongest cigar he has ever developed. What is unusual is that the strength is delivered using primarily Dominican tobacco.

This spirit evoked in Henley's poem is an eternal driving force for success in any of life’s endeavors, and Invictis is the cigar to accompany you on that journey.


what they're saying about


Blind Man's Puff -  “This

was a tasty smoke that I

wound up nubbing. The

flavor notes were pleasant

and complex enough that even though the cigar did not progress into a lot of different notes, it remained intriguing and enticing. I would definitely smoke this cigar again.”

Stogie Press - Rough Cut Cigar Review: "...a fine 90 minute smoke that delivered on flavor and strength."

Smooth Draws Radio Show/ - "An experienced smoker with a well developed palate will find this a perfect cigar for lighting up after dinner. We feel this cigar is a home run."

Val Bradshaw - "There’s no flaws to the ... Invictis – often a rarity in cigars. It just keeps burning even & true. A pleasure at any time, this cigar suits any time of day. You’ll need at least an hour for this cigar … an hour well spent. Truly, a joy to smoke!" - "...very well-blended and stays consistent throughout."

Cigar and Spirits -  Rated 89

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